What We Do

We offer enterprise class Hyperledger Blockchain services utilizing insights from our collective 50+ years of experience in the financial and healthcare service industry.

We believe Blockchain is the enabling technology that addresses a distinctive list of gaps at enterprises. As a team, we have solved these gaps in the past using extensive custom developed regular maintenance schedules, heavy manually intensive labor and services. We have lived through these challenges, by supporting systems that supported multi-billion dollars businesses on Wall-street and Main street.

By implementing Blockchain technology, coupled with our diverse experience in Financial Services, Healthcare and other markets, we offer trust, transparency, efficiencies and enhanced business productivity to the markets we serve.

Our alignment with the Hyperledger eco-system enables us to deliver global solutions to our enterprise customers, with a laser focus on customer success.

Our services include:

  • Blockchain Introduction
  • Blockchain Business Case Analysis
  • Blockchain Vendor Product Deployment Staff Support
  • Blockchain Proof of Concept
  • Blockchain Vendor Analysis
  • Blockchain Product/Solution Development