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Oracle Blockchain Implementation Offerings

Transforming Enterprise Automation with Blockchain

Blockchain, also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), is the new way of orchestrating digital business transactions without the use of traditional third-party intermediaries resulting in dramatic improvements in business efficiencies that most innovative companies are pursuing third-parties. The transparency and immutability of these transactions make this a unique technology. DLT is now a vital component in sectors as diverse as Financial Services, Healthcare, Logistics, Government documentation, Infra-structure, Mobile Application, Security, Insurance, Retail and many more. It enables operational efficiency, transparency, new revenue models, reduction of fraud, traceability of ledger data; and high availability and reliability of critical processes. But without the right assistance, organizations struggle to implement it successfully. At AuraBlocks, our deep understanding of Oracle's Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service (OABCS) platform, enable us to offer unique services tailored to your business and accelerate the time to value to realize the promise of Blockchain.

Our focus is to attain production grade blockchain projects for our customers by leveraging our expertise in Oracle, and by using our toolkit designed to accelerate delivery of projects. Our Blockchain RapidBlocks development toolkit, created from our experience in working with diverse Proof-of-Concepts (POC's), allows for rapid delivery of projects. Our projects delivery approach uses the phases described in the table below, enabling customization and rapid delivery of the solution. They eliminate the unnecessary steps usually pursued by large consultancies and delivers production grade blockchain projects at a fraction of the cost and time.

Learn to Action
  • Enable understanding of Blockchain and applications
  • Understand the most common use cases in the industry
  • Hands-on and guided labs to develop Blockchain


Ideate to Business Case
  • Discuss organization challenges and brain-storm
  • Requirement & Use Case Definition Map ideas to business cases and narrow to best choice
  • Project Prioritization
  • Target State Development
  • Roadmap development
  • Project Estimation
Experiment to MVP
  • Design of Solution Drive organizational change management, develop a Blockchain prototype, acceptance and training
  • Iterate through design with RapidBlocks TM
  • Enable knowledge transfer framework
  • Deploy into production
  • Integrate your legacy systems with API's and develop smart contracts
Deploy to Production
  • Drive organizational change management, acceptance and training
  • Enable knowledge transfer
  • Deploy into production

Consulting Offerings

Our tailored offerings are uniquely designed to meet the market demands of most customers. We provided services that cover corporate training, rapid POC, hackathons and simple lunch and learn sessions.


Understand Blockchain concepts and train to Oracle Blockchain Cloud and Hyperledger. We deliver classes which are 1 to 2 days duration long.

Lunch & Learn Discovery Workshop - Complimentary

Many organizations struggle to understand blockchain and how to implement it. Often, they start at the wrong place and waste a tremendous amount of time, or not starting at all. Our lunch and learn workshop is designed to help you understand blockchain technology , its benefits and narrow down high-value use cases for you Proof of Concept (POC).

Blockchain Thinking Workshop

This workshop is a 2-day workshop to understand your current business pro-cesses, ideate and discuss blockchain potential, and define the blockchain network and MVP for your organization with solution documentation.

Proof of Concept (POC)

We enable organizations, with developed Blockchain ideas to implement Proof of Concepts using our RapidBlocksTM service to develop a POC on OABC. This Proof of concept will be a partially working solution with smart contracts, functioning Uls and demonstration of key business processes across multiple personas Hackathons-As-A- Service.

Deliver Full MVP

We can accelerate your ideas and develop them into fully baked MVP solutions. We use our phased approach described above to deliver these projects. The solution will include a fully working MVP, with Milli Design and completely functioning smart contracts.


When it comes to emerging technology, firms sometimes require hackathons to engage employees and stimulate their imagination. AuraBlocks "Block-Hack-athon-As-A-Service", does just that. This service brings together your teams from within or outside the organization to train, ideate, and enable the organization to construct prototype Blockchain application and foster blockchain thinking.

Migration to Oracle Blockchain

Migrate your existing pilot from any Blockchain platform to the Oracle Enter-prise platform - OABCS, driving value from your investments in Blockchain pilots.

Why AuraBlocks

  • Earliest Adopter of Oracle: Distinction as first adopters of Oracle Blockchain and delivery of demo solution at Open World 17
  • Highest Oracle Blockchain Projects: We hold the highest number of projects with Oracle Blockchain
  • Highest Oracle Training Delivered: We have trained over 300 candidates on Oracle block-chain.
  • Global Delivery: We have global delivery capabilities enabling the right price points
  • Talent Access: We train and create our own talent and bench as needed Rapid Delivery
  • Frameworks: Our RapidBlocksTM toolkit tailored for Oracle, enables rapid delivery and reduces the risk of blockchain delivery projects on Oracle
  • Transformation Projects Delivery Expertise: We have partnerships with global consulting firms for delivering large-scale transformation projects

Appendix A: Completed Projects

Blockchain will reach across a variety of industries with a wide diversity of applications. AuraBlocks leads the industry as having produced the most projects on the Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service (OABCS) platform to date.

Clinical Trials Record Keeping

Clinical trial research suffers from issues with complex and long a drawn-out process with associated issues of high cost and lack of transparency. Data needs to be precise, private and anonymous from Phase 1 to product approval. This project will create a transparent, historical and immutable storage of data, accessible by multiple parties who are authorized to access limited data sets. One comprehensive data set, updated in real time, distributed within the network and highly secure.

Titles and Deed Transfer

When transacting a purchase/sale of real estate, there are many processes the two parties must comply with in order to transfer title. All of these processes are slow and costly because filed records can't be trusted. This project solves the issues surrounding title ownership and all associated future modifications to the property by using smart contract transaction execution to speed up processes. This solution will reduce costs and verify all records of current property in real-time.

Prescription Fulfillment

Several standards exist for reporting and communicating public outbreaks of diseases. The reporting needs to be private, secure and rapid so the data can be analyzed. Currently, no interoperability exists between data sets. A new ecosystem is being created that will allow for interoperability, transparency and rapid integration of data to find effective solutions to public health issues.


Manual entry and verification of private and sensitive customer-specific information at the financial institution's initial point of contact can cause mistakes, delays in processing and identification mismatch. If the same person opens multiple accounts at multiple institutions, these mistakes can exponentially increase. This project solves the issue at the initial point of contact by creating an immutable genesis record. The information is verified by customer and institution. Moving forward, the customer can control the release of pertinent information to satisfy the institution's request. 1 data set, historical, transparent and immutable.

Renewable Energy Credits Trading

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) trading is highly restricted by restricted market access and authorized participants. The process is mostly manual, riddled with fraud and extremely difficult to negotiate between interested parties. This blockchain based trading platform solves this issue, enabling a consortium to onboard participants where smart contracts can negotiate and execute trades. This marketplace efficiently will also allow for an audit trail and multiple RECs products.

Student Skills Accreditation

In general, statistics reveal less than 30% of graduating students of a traditional college feel they are prepared for the workforce, with the cost of attending college increasing exponentially. This blockchain based platform offers projects where students complete the projects and reviewers serve as mentors for completion. All projects and skills associated with projects, assignments, reviews, attained skills and grades are recorded on an immutable database. The results are controlled and released by the students.

Contract Arbitration

When a contractual violation exists between two parties and they enter into arbitration, a tremendous amount of time and human resources are expended to verify each parties' interests. There is a need to verify events, whether contractual obligations have been met and funds have transferred. This Blockchain platform manages the contracting parties and by using a smart contract it incorporates each party's obligations by creating a self-executing and regulating instrument. It provides complete transparency of the process amongst the stakeholders.

Oil Trading Exchange

Oil and Gas trading is known to have multiple intermediaries to enable the process of trade and settlement of oil and gas contracts, driving up the price of these contracts and increasing the time to settle these trades. This blockchain based project creates smart contracts on a decentralized trading exchange to verify inventory, delivery schedules, and future trades.

Managing Gift Points

Customers today accumulate miles and loyalty points with different merchants. They struggle with redemption and keeping track of these points. This Blockchain platform enables merchants and customers to have full transparency of points issued across their customer base and seamlessly issue, manage and convert their customer cards and points across a wide ecosystem of merchant partners.

Smart Lending

Lenders and borrows today are challenged with information asymmetry in the loan on-boarding process resulting in higher rates for borrowers, and lenders taking unwanted risk onto their balance sheet. Due to lack of transparency of financials and increased frauds, AuraBlocks developed a Blockchain based smart lending marketplace solution which seamlessly connects lenders and borrowers by sharing secure financial information of the borrower. Smart contract monitoring of financial covenants results in lower rates charged to the lender, a better balance sheet and higher growth for the lenders.