Day 1


  •         Introduction to Blockchain Technology
  •         Hyperledger Project
  •         Introduction to Blockchain
  •         Public and Permissioned Blockchains  


  •         Endorsers, orderers, clients, smart contracts
  •         Transaction Flow Model
  •         Privacy Model and Channels
  •         SmartContracts
  •         Integration with API
  •         Connect with existing Application
  •         Anatomy of config files and crypto material

Building Your Blockchain Network

  •         Setting up network and consortium
  •         Setting up Channels

Day 2

Building Smart Contracts

  •         Identify a Sample Use Case for BlockChain
  •         Design network, consortium
  •         Go Programming for Blockchain
  •         Working with APIs


  •       Overview of Mining and BitCoin
  •       Purchasing, Wallets, Storage and Safety
  •       ICO Concepts, Structures, Alt Currencies
  •       Financial Strategies to Wealth Creation

Hands On Labs

  •         Build a Use Case in Financial Services
  •         Testing you use case
  •         Demo
  •         Wrap Up Training