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  1. Oracle Blockchain – An Enterprise Grade Cloud Platform Offering: Part Two

    In our last entry we covered some of the basics of Blockchain technology and how it has been adopted over the last few years by enterprises big and small. At Aurablocks, we have the experience you need to make the most out of any Oracle-based Blockchain development. Read on to learn more about Blockchain. Oracle’s Blockchain Cloud Service (BCS) is a PaaS offering from Oracle that brings enterpri…Read More

  2. Oracle Blockchain – An Enterprise Grade Cloud Platform Offering: Part One

    A Practitioner’s View of the Land. Kiran Murty, CTO‬ | Enabling Blockchain for Enterprises Movie lovers flock to theaters to watch their favorite movies and sports fans take to the stands throughout the year to see their favorite team play on clay, turf, and the hard top. Seasons change and so do movies and games. By the way, did you check out the latest Star Wars trailer that w…Read More