Richard Brownstein, CEO of AuraBlocks, is a trusted and creative force in the explosive financial technology industry. Brownstein’s successful entrepreneurial experience, knowledge and active participation in the New York City Fintech community, led him to co-found AuraBlocks, LLC.

Brownstein co-created AuraBlocks after completing the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Fintech: Future Commerce course, where he was awarded the highest honor by his professors. His breakthrough Fintech Annuity Innovation is based on a creative use of Blockchain in a practical business application.

Brownstein, a financial professional and analytical thought-leader in the financial world, identified significant gaps when scaling businesses to an Enterprise level utilizing blockchain.  AuraBlocks has created speed-to-market programs to facilitate enterprise launch through customized roadmaps and consulting services.   AuraBlocks is the essential bridge between an innovator’s business and a global enterprise solution.